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VLMS Global Healthcare offers end-to-end RCM to suffice client’s RCM needs. We work by increasing your cash flow and improving the number of days in AR.
We also offer premier services such as patient/health information management, sound claims submission, eligibility verification, credentialing, patient appointment management and other services as a part of revenue cycle management.

Our explicit team of experts manages health information critically, compliance management, and world-class coding services.

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Revenue Cycle Management

Revenue Cycle Management VLMS Healthcare

We offer an end-to-end RCM solution to our clients to suffice their RCM needs. We undertake the management of patient appointments, registration, and demographics data to ensure precise billing and claims submission.
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Coding/Health Information Management

The clinical and financial documentation are crucial parts of Health Information Management. We use it to identify areas of revenue leakage to boost reimbursements.
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Coding/Health Information Management (HIM) VLMS Healthcare
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VLMS Global Healthcare offers a range of solutions designed to address revenue cycle challenges in the healthcare industry. These solutions include medical coding, medical billing, health information management, charge posting, claims management, revenue management, clinical analytics, and risk adjustment services. By providing comprehensive services across the revenue cycle, VLMS Global Healthcare aims to streamline operations, reduce regulatory compliance issues, and improve overall revenue streams for healthcare providers.
VLMS Global Healthcare prioritizes data security and complies with international standards for healthcare data protection. The organization implements measures aligned with ISO standards to ensure extreme data security. These measures include robust encryption protocols, secure data storage practices, and adherence to privacy regulations. By incorporating these security measures, VLMS Global Healthcare aims to safeguard sensitive healthcare information and maintain the trust of clients.
VLMS Global Healthcare follows an international servicing model that involves seasoned professionals with extensive training and experience. The model aims to provide full-cycle and workflow solutions, leading to a 30% decrease in the number of days in accounts receivable (AR), a 7% average revenue improvement, a 94% claim rate, and a 35% decrease in regulatory compliance issues for global clients. The organization's focus on quality and efficiency contributes to sustained profitability for its clients.
VLMS Global Healthcare plays a crucial role in risk adjustment services, which involves assessing and optimizing coding accuracy to reflect the true health status of patients. By ensuring accurate risk adjustment, healthcare organizations can secure appropriate reimbursements and enhance their revenue. VLMS Global Healthcare leverages its expertise in coding and analytics to assist clients in navigating the complexities of risk adjustment, leading to improved financial outcomes.
VLMS Global Healthcare envisions the future of healthcare revenue cycle management to involve continued innovations in technology, personalized solutions tailored to client requirements, and a commitment to igniting growth for its clients. The organization anticipates advancements in AI technology, further efficiency gains, and an increased focus on compliance and quality. VLMS Global Healthcare aims to be at the forefront of industry developments to provide cutting-edge solutions for evolving healthcare revenue challenges.