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Advanced Healthcare Analytics Solutions

Our healthcare analytics services includes clinical analytics, revenue cycle analytics and business office analytics solutions. These solutions help you to utilize the clinical intelligence and manage the challenges. We work strategically to take your revenue to paramount while keeping the other costs less. Also, we help you in maximizing your operational efficiency along with profit maximization, customer satisfaction, retention and business intelligence for sound decisions.

Healthcare Analytics VLMS Healthcare
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Outcome-Driven Approach

Our analytics solutions identify the foundational objectives important to your organization, then deliver business and clinical value by providing actionable insights from your data that lead to intelligent and knowledge-based decisions.

Descriptive :
(What happened?)

  • Operational :
    Workforce and supply chain
  • Revenue cycle :
    Net revenue denied, under-paid, and uncollected self-pay
  • Clinical analytics :
    Pay-for-performance reporting and compliance

Predictive :
(What will happen?)

  • Operational :
    Predict patient in-flow/admission for specific diseases
  • Revenue cycle :
    Revenue at risk - Potential lost revenue and/or opportunity
  • Clinical :
    Avoidable ED visits and hospital re-admission

Prescriptive :
(What should happen?)

  • Operational :
    Remove redundant workforce to save costs
  • Revenue cycle :
    Prescribe the operational change needed to reduce denial rates
  • Clinical :
    Personalized wellness program to reduce anticipated illness

Clinical Analytics

Clinical Analytics VLMS Healthcare

Our clinical analytics solution caters to your clinical intelligence needs to reduce burden over healthcare services through eliminating hospital readmissions, reducing ER visits, and operational efficiencies.
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Revenue Cycle Analytics

Revenue cycle analytics tend to offer paramount revenue while keeping the cost at minutest. As a provider of RCM services, we are extremely skilled at offering revenue analytics to deliver you the precise picture of current healthcare business. Read More

Revenue Cycle Analytics VLMS Healthcare

Business Office Analytics

Business office analytics anchors operational data with your decision-making process to streamline your business. As part of the business analytics, we assist you in customer retention, workflow optimization, resource allocation, and business intelligence for informed decision making. Read More

Business Office Analytics VLMS Healthcare
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VLMS Global Healthcare provides advanced healthcare analytics services, including clinical analytics, revenue cycle analytics, and business office analytics solutions. These services empower organizations to utilize clinical intelligence, effectively manage challenges, and strategically enhance their business operations. The analytics solutions offered by VLMS Global Healthcare are designed to maximize operational efficiency, boost revenue, and provide valuable insights for sound decision-making in areas such as workforce management, revenue cycle optimization, and business intelligence.
VLMS Global Healthcare employs an outcome-driven approach that identifies foundational objectives important to an organization. The analytics solutions deliver business and clinical value by providing actionable insights from data, leading to intelligent and knowledge-based decisions. This approach is structured across three main categories:
  • Descriptive Analytics (What happened?): Focuses on operational, revenue cycle, and clinical analytics to understand past events and trends.
  • Predictive Analytics (What will happen?): Anticipates future events, such as patient admissions or revenue at risk, using data-driven predictions.
  • Prescriptive Analytics (What should happen?): Recommends actions to optimize operations, revenue cycles, and clinical outcomes for informed decision-making.
VLMS Global Healthcare's clinical analytics solution addresses healthcare service challenges by focusing on reducing the burden on healthcare services. Key components include:
  • Hospital Readmissions Reduction: Aims to eliminate hospital readmissions.
  • ER Visits Reduction: Focuses on reducing unnecessary emergency room visits.
  • Operational Efficiencies: Aims to streamline clinical operations for improved efficiency.
VLMS Global Healthcare's revenue cycle analytics are designed to offer paramount revenue while keeping costs at a minimum. As providers of revenue cycle management (RCM) services, they excel at providing revenue analytics that offer a precise picture of the current healthcare business. This helps healthcare providers identify areas for revenue enhancement, reduce denials, and optimize the overall revenue cycle.
Business office analytics, as part of VLMS Global Healthcare's services, anchors operational data with the decision-making process. It supports healthcare organizations in various aspects such as customer retention, workflow optimization, resource allocation, and business intelligence. By offering insights into business operations, this analytics component enables informed decision-making for improved efficiency and effectiveness in managing healthcare services.