Risk Adjustment Services

VLMS Global Healthcare works to help you in achieving financial success and high revenues. We offer best-in-class end-to-end risk adjustment solutions along with empowered partnerships. As our partner, you will be able to access real-time risk insights, AI-enabled health management tools, risks and quality insights and much more.

As a leading provider of end-to-end Risk Adjustment solutions, all partnerships include :

  • Real-time Risk DNA insights
  • Access to our team of risk adjustment physicians.
  • Dedicated and experienced Risk Adjustment Account Managers.
  • Access to our robust list of comprehensive health management tools
  • Prospective, Concurrent, and Retrospective HCC clinical-coding experts
  • Transformational data-based intelligence
  • Complete risk and quality performance reporting insights
Discover how we can assist you

Prospective Risk Review

Prospective Risk Review VLMS Healthcare

We used our AI-based tools for prospective clinical review before point of care. We interact with the physicians prior to the point of care to derive smart insights from the patient-physician interaction. Read More

Retrospective Risk Review

Technology is a major part of our analytics solutions to derive insights. Our retrospective HCC coding review uses service dates to extract HCC codes with specific parameters.
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Retrospective Risk Review VLMS Healthcare

Concurrent Risk Review

Concurrent Risk Review VLMS Healthcare

Concurrent review enables medical coders to access EHR systems and HCC codes within real-time before submitting the claims to the payer. It uses technological support to enable medical coders to have a real-time view of the EHR system. Read More

Risk Adjustment Optimization

We thoroughly analyze clinical documentation, EHR systems, HCC codes, and intensity of nursing care needed by patients for efficient healthcare service and to identify the severity of a patient's medical condition.
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Risk Adjustment Optimization VLMS Healthcare