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VLMS Global Healthcare offers end-to-end RCM to suffice client’s RCM needs. We work by increasing your cash flow and improving the number of days in AR. We also offer premier services such as patient/health information management, sound claims submission, eligibility verification, credentialing, patient appointment management and other services as a part of revenue cycle management. Our explicit team of experts manages health information critically, compliance management, and world-class coding services. Read More
Our team of CPC certified medical coders owns vast experience and extensive knowledge. We ensure to update all our databases with the latest compliance standards to improve claim rates. We are aware of accuracy in medical coding and we follow the sigma rule of accurate medical coding to avoid denials and maximize reimbursements. With this, we also offer coding audits to identify and find the root cause of any discrepancies. Read More
Our healthcare analytics services includes clinical analytics, revenue cycle analytics and business office analytics solutions. These solutions help you to utilize the clinical intelligence and manage the challenges. We work strategically to take your revenue to paramount while keeping the other costs less. Also, we help you in maximizing your operational efficiency along with profit maximization, customer satisfaction, retention and business intelligence for sound decisions. Read More
VLMS Global Healthcare works to help you in achieving financial success and high revenues. We offer best-in-class end-to-end risk adjustment solutions along with empowered partnerships. As our partner, you will be able to access real-time risk insights, AI-enabled health management tools, risks and quality insights and much more. Read More
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VLMS Global Healthcare’s solutions are designed specifically for improving revenue streams and compliance concerns. Streamline your operation with cutting-edge technologies.

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With the perfect blend of people, technology, resources and process, we are making it easy for clients to sustain a profitable position for a prolonged period.

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We have been putting the focal point on innovative technologies, personalized solutions especially as per our client's requirements.


International Servicing Model

  • Full Cycle And Workflow
  • Seasoned professionals with extensive training and experience.
  • 30% decrease in the number of days in AR.
  • 7% Average revenue improvement.
  • 94% claim rates.
  • 35% decrease in regulatory compliance issues for global clients.
  • 98% average quality.

Keeping client satisfaction at first

Highly ground breaking solutions
Highly ground breaking solutions

Partnered with various organizations.

Extreme data security
Extreme data security

Data protection with ISO standards.

Explicit And On-Time Delivery
Explicit And On-Time Delivery

Experienced and vast team of professionals

Ignited growth
Ignited growth

Increased cash flow, reduced cost and maximized compliance.

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