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Our Healthcare Services

VLMS Healthcare is an innovative organization that empowers organizations to build their productivity. This way, organizations can largely focus on treating their patients. Our industry-leading solutions improve revenue streams of medical organizations operating worldwide.

Medical Coding

VLMS healthcare offers a variety of services ranging from facility coding, professional coding, risk adjustment coding, audits to coding denials.

Medical Billing

From provider enrolment (credentialing), pre-cert(authorization) to appointment scheduling, VLMS offers high-rated services.

AR Management

From denial management, handling correspondences to insurance follow-ups, VLMS Healthcare is the right partner for you.

Experienced Billing Team

We have employed a team of 100+ billing specialists in India, each with at least 4+ years of experience.

Information Entry

We can help medical personnel with performing numerous sorts of data entry-related tasks that clinics experience on a daily basis.

Charge Posting

Our accomplished clinical billing experts utilize your superbills to post charges before submitting claims.

Claims Submission

Electronic or paper claims are prepared properly. After this, they undergo staggered QA procedure. These claims are submitted to payers within one business day.

Installment Posting and Adjustments

OBs are gathered, installments presented and claims are submitted to secondary guarantors consistently.

PQRS Data Submission

For medical professionals that pick PQRS claims-based submissions’ option, VLMS can assume control of adding quality-information codes to the suitable cases.

Prior Authorizations

We gather precise data of new and existing patients before scheduled arrangements.


We guarantee that you are paid for all administrations delivered by suggesting any missed charges.

Eligibility verifications

We gather precise data of new and existing patients before scheduled arrangements.

Enabling high quality client care

VLMS explores, understands and then serves with world-class medical coding, medical billing and AR management services.

Highly adaptive solutions

For different types of clients
Online data storage

Full data can be accessed anytime and from anywhere
Explicit and on-time delivery

Full transcription

Boost overall efficiency of in-house frameworks

International Servicing Model

Full Cycle and Workflow

VLMS designs solutions to improve the management of revenue streams. Take a step towards the next generation healthcare services system.


We operate with full transparency so that our clients are on the same page with us. There are no hidden procedures and charges. Moreover, the clients are regularly updated about the latest steps being taken for medical coding and medical billing.

Quality Assurance

VLMS Healthcare has employed a 3-level worldwide quality administration system that includes the staff working on the assignment, a QA Manager in India and a Manager in the US.


All of these tasks can be effortlessly managed using the latest technology. Right from secure VPN connections, online security to escalating efficiency, new innovations get all of these going.

Information Sharing

Effectively available information bases and gateways help in decreasing reliance on people and expanding reliance on devices.

Improvising with ‘Follow-the-Sun’ methodology

As the business never sleeps, we handoff at regular intervals between groups with the end goal that there is a 24-hour pattern of activities. This way, teams work with full potential on the same goals.

Multi-tasking experienced professionals

To generate better results every time, VLMS appoints highly experienced teams. This empowers us to strategically work on different domains of the same projects simultaneously.


The capacity to add details and develop plans quickly is accomplished effectively because of VLMS team's interactiveness. VLMS takes up all the challenges very sincerely and thus ramping up operations becomes easy.


Other than implementing a strict compliance standard, VLMS is very flexible. We regularly keep an eye on the latest security procedures to upgrade our framework. In the continuously evolving HIPAA landscape, we aim to evolve with the market standards.

Case Studies

View Our Success Stories

Our customer is renowned medical billing copany based out of Florida, USA. They approached us to avail for Medicare Risk Adjustment coding.

VLMS Global offers Risk adjustment services (Medicare HCC, Medicaid CDPS) and RCM services (medical billing, coding, AR follow up)