VLMS Healthcare, a medical billing organization situated in the U.S., brings many years of involvement and best practices to the table. We make your RCM more practical, productive and beneficial. Outsourcing your billing cycle and not the control of your cycles will definitely bring in more money. Doctors consistently explore the average charge for clinical billing administrations in the Texas market. However, we offer modified billing administration that aligns with the needs of all doctors, ranging from small-scale to large-scale groups.

Advantages of medical billing administrations :

No errors in billing - Our staff is capable and very much prepared and has the latest information on claim submission processes. Our in-house staff goes through a thorough cycle of preparing and completing the necessary ‘quality and domain-driven knowledge evaluation.

Speeds up cash inflow - VLMS's medical billing administrations permit customers to keep a continuous flow of income and quick collection. Doctors can accomplish more prominent economies of scale by allowing us to do the clinical charging.

Improves Patient Satisfaction - Doctors can stand to only zero in on delivering medical services. VLMS's principle work lies in boosting the customer's income. By outsourcing the medical billing administrations, doctors can rest assured that they will get maximum revenue from each code, that too rapidly. Code errors are distinguished quickly, and disavowals are followed up quickly.

Charging Compliance - We are a HIPAA compliant clinical charging organization. We guarantee that all our in-house tasks are compliant to legal regulations.

World-Class Medical Billing Services in Texas

The law states that the payer needs to pay a claim within 30 days, with the alternative of 45 days if the case isn't submitted electronically. Subsequently, our Texas billers will actually decrease your AR days that will surely come into your notice.

Our expert billers in Texas are prepared to deal with all segments of Revenue Cycle Management which particularly incorporates ‘Disavowal Management’ and assists you with recuperating dismissed cases by appealing and resubmission of cases.

Our billers in the territory of Texas carry out clinical practices according to the guidelines of the state government. Their insight and experience has been obtained by years of practice in consummating clinical billing techniques which they currently utilize to influence your income gathering practices.

The Federal government's push to decrease medical care cost can be upheld by doctors in the province of Texas by improving expenses and upgrading income. Allowing an expert to deal with your medical charging can assist you with improving assortments by 40%.

Precise coding and code review alongside convenient follow up of insurance and account receivables are the premise on which these billers in Texas ensure higher benefit for your medical services. Their involvement with different programming and affirmation procedures in the medical charging cycles will uphold your clinic to develop consistently over the upcoming years.

Texas medical billing services team gives :

1.) Information entry, everything being equal, of all types of charges.
2.) Accommodation of electronic and paper-based cases to both types of insurers (primary and secondary).
3.)Precise ICD-10 and CPT code reviews.
4.) Installment postings in the wake of getting from insurance agencies and patients.
5.) Individually customized monthly monetary reports.
6.) Looking at payer expense schedules and refreshing your services accordingly.
7.) Clinical charging counseling administrations

VLMS's staff has broad medical billing experience - they have been involved since this market’s inception. We guide suppliers and practitioners in and around Texas to boost their repayments and limit their expenses.